Addis Okoli


Artist Statement

To create has always been part of my life. From drawings which looked perfect to me as a child of 5 to more mature sketches which would end up as beautiful paintings on the walls of homes of admires to garments and jewelry designing to writing of poetry. Using my first box of oil colors left me with a feeling of freedom which up to that moment, I have never felt. Though challenging at first but with constant practice I became better. Being self taught has given me the opportunity to explore without boundaries.

Inspirations for my paintings are gotten from poetry, plays, films, daily living amongst people of different walks of life and myself. My subjects consist mainly of the female figure. I chose this because the curves of a woman give off a feeling of rhythm and movement and being a dancer myself, this was easily relatable. Another reason is it reflects my life as a woman. They show confidence, shyness, strength, vulnerability, pride and peace which I think are attributes found in a typical artist. These figures are reflections of my energy. My other paintings are inspirations gotten from my surroundings such as people going about their daily activities, gathering of people which is a very common scene here and rocky hills that surround the beautiful city.

My love for vibrant colors inspired me to use them to create forms that translate to images. My background in fashion design also shows itself in some of my works through the use of fabrics as part of my media. Another medium explored is newspaper print. This was chosen because I wanted to move away from vibrant colors and lean towards grey hues. This shade of grey appears pleasing to me when it is layered with thinned hues. Here, I either chose to include my figures or keep it abstract.



2016 – 1st place prize winner, Sino-Nigeria art competition

2015 - 2nd place price winner, Chinese Holiday art competition

2007- 3rd place price winner, Imagine Venice art competition


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    "A synthesis of delicate and precise fine painting in the modulation of her figures faces, mixed with expressionistic broad brush strokes for the background and surroundings. In the use of colour she is close to modern expressionist painters, whose focus was to present intrinsic emotions, rather than naturalist representations."

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  • "I love the freedom it gives me to think and move beyond my comfort zone. I have always been a creator from when I was very little and this was discovered and encouraged by my parents. My father wanted me to study music, because I was quite good at playing the piano, while my mom wanted me to study fine art."

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